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If you would be pungent, be brief;
for it is with words as with sunbeams --
the more they are condensed
the deeper they burn.
                 - Southey
The samples below demonstrate selected pieces of our work. They have been chosen to show a variety of topics and audience levels. These samples may open directly in your browser, open directly from the web site with an associated program, or attempt to download to your hard disk for later viewing. If you should have difficulty viewing these samples, or would like to request alternate samples or formats, please use the contact information.

This page contains links to documents in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). These documents will open in Version 3.0 or above.
In order to view these files, you will need Acrobat Reader which is available for free from the Adobe web site.

Acrobat and the Acrobat logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

A Procedure Manual for Computer Backups

This User Guide was prepared for a primarily non-technical audience. The readers were assumed to have knowledge of basic computer skills (keyboarding, mousing, and Windows). Berry Technical Documentation created the template and style and researched the material included in the original document. Screens were captured using Windows capture methods and edited, if necessary, using Paint. Simple and readily available tools were used to allow the client to perform updates. A "How to Update" instruction file was included on the archive. Delivery format to the client was in both a printed booklet form (Xerography process) for immediate use, and a Microsoft Word archive.

Primary Tools Used: Microsoft Word
Microsoft Paint
View Sample File: DataBoat Example in PDF (1.1 Mb)

A Service Manual for Electronic Instrumentation

This example is portion of a component level service manual. The full manual contained complete schematics, part lists and a theory of operation. Berry Technical Documentation worked with the product hardware and firmware designers to document the theory, with support personnel to document the repair strategy, with the production IT department to create parts lists, with production engineers to document the disassembly and re-assembly procedures, and with other design support groups to incorporate schematics and component locators. Berry Technical Documentation created all the line drawings used both in the theory of operation and in the disassembly procedures/exploded views. The final manual was delivered to the offset printer as a PDF file. A second PDF file with lower resolution and optimized for electronic delivery was created for inclusion on a CD ROM and as a download from a support web site.
Primary Tools Used: Adobe FrameMaker
Microsoft Excel
View Sample File: Service Manual example in PDF (1.9 Mb)

A Windows Help File for Programmers

This WinHelp file is designed to be used by Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications programmers. It documents two Active X objects and is context sensitive within the development environment. Berry Technical Documentation began this project by generating a list of all objects, properties, methods, and events contained in the product. Together with the developers the list was organized, individual parts described, and the syntax shown. Several code snippet examples were included that can be cut and pasted from the help file. The help file was formatted to resemble other similar Active X help files. Following completion of the help file, the information was slightly reformatted and used to create a PDF file that end-users could print.
Primary Tools Used: RoboHELP Classic
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Acrobat
View Sample File: Windows Help file (.hlp) example (220 kb)
Windows Help converted to PDF (1.1 Mb)

An Instrument Software Developer's Kit

This project began as a brain-storming session with C, C++, and Visual Basic programmers describing their main frustrations and re-inventions required to control electronic instrumentation via a computer interface. A series of short tutorials, supported by provided code projects, was created to provide a faster road to success. This example portion shows some of the tutorials and code snippets. In addition to the creation and development of the project, Berry Technical Documentation also provided several of the code examples provided on the CD-ROM. This project was delivered as a HTML Help file and later reformatted into a printable PDF version.
Primary Tools Used: Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Acrobat
View Sample File: ISDK example in HTML Help format (chm) (305 kb)

A Database Reporting Tool

This HTML Help file supports a database reporting tool used by broadcast industry managers. The PC application is connected to an IBM AS/400 that contains the database. Managers were expected to be able to use their PC and understand the purpose of the application. Originally they would have to submit a report request via a print queue and wait for the information. This application allowed allowed almost real-time reporting of a stations's advertising position. HTML Help was used to provide context sensitive help with the application. Berry Technical Documentation developed this file as a "fast-track" project that required only 4 working days to complete. Of note are animations, created with the software video camera and incorporated into the compiled help file.
Primary Tools Used: RoboHELP HTML
Microsoft Word
Software Video Camera
View Sample File: Database Reporting tool in HTML Help format (chm) (215 kb)

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